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Training Course Description

This course is designed to get you started on your journey as a successful Tattoo Removal technician. No previous training/knowledge is required. Beginner’s to the industry will fully appreciate the step by step training approach we adopt in our teaching.

Course Break Down

Day 1st Course Details
  • Eyebrows
  • Perfecting uneven eyebrow technique
  • Preventing & correcting brow color fading and casts
  • Techniques for eliminating touch-ups
  • Correction & Camouflage pigmentation.
Day 2nd Course Details
  • Eye Liner
  • The 3-minute eye-liner technique
  • Working with client’s skin type and pigment acceptance
  • Preventing pigment fading & migration
  • Correcting for blue & gray color casts
  • Different thicknesses of eyeliner & add flare
  • Lip Liner
  • Lip liner and full lip application
  • Techniques for correcting blue or
  • purple-shade lips
  • Proper use of round or flat needles
  • Lip color retention
  • Advanced Color Theory and Pigment Use
  • Understanding skin undertones that affect color shades
  • Color correction and custom pigment formulations
  • Enhancing client’s inherent natural beauty
  • Alternatives to permanent makeup for
  • non-candidates (poor eyesight & shaky hands)
  • Camouflaging
  • Reshaping and redesigning old eyebrow, lip & eyeliner
Day 3rd Course Details
  • Correcting camouflaging mistakes and problems
  • Question & Answer
  • Technique test
  • Professional Market Development
  • Increasing business by committing to excellence
  • Overcoming customer objections
  • Developing exceptional presentation skills
  • Increasing your confidence & professionalism
  • Become a highly skilled certified technician

Tattoo Removal Solution

  • Is a great removing solution for correction and camouflage work. It can clear away the unwanted pigment from the skin immediately or lift out old tattoos done in past years. Can be mixed with small portions of skin tone pigment color to be more effective.

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